Waste Management Reflection

1. Knowing that SWACO is non-profit, how can the facility increase recycling while still maintianing the jobs that they have at the plant?

They could increse the jobs by assigning the workers that would no longer be employed by the trash sector of the non profit to be employed in new recycling related jobs such as trash sorting, or recycling equipment maintenance. I believe that the landfill should pursue recycling options in order to increase their capacity and the life of their landfill.

2. Why should we recycle our e-waste instead of landfilling it?

By recycling the e waste, their is a guarantee that the electronics will not enter a landfill, potentially releasing harmful chemicals into the groundwater or atmosphere. A consideration that one must make is that some e waste recyclers ship their waste to foreign countrys where the metals are  burned to be refined, releasing harmfull heavy metal into the atmosphere.

5. What was the reaction to the trip?

I enjoyed the e waste and water treatment plants but felt that the time spent at the landfill could have been spent elsewhere with a higher interest level.


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