Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change Planning Lab

Research Question:

What is the difference in heat transfer between different levels of methane (CH4), one level being the natural level without cattle input and the second being the level with cattle input.



I predict that a higher level of methane will absorb and transfer much more heat than a lower density of methane. I believe that the density that represents the amount of heat transferred by methane including cattle that produce methane will have much more heat transferred.



Independent– The independent variable is the amount of methane.

Dependent– The dependent variable is the amount of heat transferred.

Control- Temperature, method of measuring, purity of methane from source, and tools



Heat source, jar, methane, and temperature gauge



Step one- Fill two jugs with the density of methane found in each situation.

Step two- Place jug on heat source for 3 minutes

Step three- Remove from heat source and wait two minutes

Step four- Compare the amount of heat absorbed in each jug

Step five- Write a conclusion based on the data collected.



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