Global Climate Change Discussion

My research question was “What is the difference in heat transfer between different levels of methane (CH4), one level being the natural level without cattle input and the second being the level with cattle input?” After experimenting with this question, using percentage by mass measurements to measure the difference between heat absorbed by cattle induced methane levels and non cattle affected methane levels, I realized that the difference between the absorption level would be too small to make an accurate conjecture about the affect the cattle induced methane had on the heat absorbed. I created a second research question that would be easier to test. This research question was “How does the presence of methane, at 100% by volume and 0% by volume, affect the amount of heat absorbed from a radiant heat source?” I decided that this process would allow me to greater isolate the affect methane has on the heat absorption rates in the atmosphere. My hypothesis was that the container containing methane would absorb much more heat. This was based on previous research that I had done, ( ) that said that methane absorbs heat 20 times faster than pure oxygen.


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