Country Project Climate Change

Russia is the third largest producer of CO2 emissions, after the U.S. and China, with 1672.62 million tons of CO2 produced since the Kyoto summit meeting. Deforestation is also a major issue. This is caused by wildfires and trees being cut down in order to increase arable land for agricultural yields. Russia is known for their inability to practice sustainable agriculture.

Russia does not on the other hand feel many of the affects of their emissions, with the only real affect that they feel being the reduction in sea ice and permafrost in the siberian area. Because the country is so large though, and the areas affected s sparsely populated, these issues are not often given much concern from the government. The venture capital investments in alternative sources of energy would not be as viable in Russia, because their natural resources are so plentiful and there is really no demand for more energy. This means that they, while not the greatest producer of green-house gases, will most likely be producing these gases for years to come, while more developed countries, like thee United States, are making strides towards sustainable energy because they do not want to be reliant on foreign country’s natural resources. Russia also stands to make money in the long term of global warming, if the permafrost were to melt, thier southern areas would become wet and extremely fertile.


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